Ace Studio Mpeg Encoding and DVD Authoring Facilities

This service is no longer available, for CD Rom, DVD Authoring and Replication go to Discus Group

CD-Rom Mpeg 1 and  DVD Mpeg 2 Video Encoding.

PAL & NTSC Formats:  DigiBeta, Betacam SX, Beta SP, DVCam, MiniDV, VHS.

PAL & NTSC Tape to Tape dubbing rates: Please see edit page for full breakdown of available formats & transfer rates.

Set Up charge (inc. 1 x CD Rom)

£  50.00
Up to 20 mins £  25.00
Up to 30 mins £  50.00
Up to 40 mins £  75.00
Up to 60 mins £ 100.00


DVD Authoring (inc. 1 x DVD)
£ 95.00 (for basic DVD up to 30 mins) supplied in clear slimline case
£ 120.00 (for basic DVD up to 60 mins) supplied in clear slimline case 


Ace Studio Mpeg video compression rates

Mpeg1 on-line samples:

Ford Mondeo 16 MB clip. Encoded in 16:9 widescreen at a low data rate to ensure it fitted into the 16 MB of available space on the Ford Mondeo business card. For best results right mouse click on link and download full clip to your hard drive. Please note this clip encoded for Opus Creative Marketing is under The Ford Motor Company copyright.

Tamara ISDN Radio Commercial session
. Archive clip from Summer 1998, Tamara aged 9 in ISDN Radio Commercial session with Aire FM in Leeds. Encoded with Optibase hardware encoder.

Ace Studio Mpeg video compression rates


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